what rhymes with cars and girls

Bushell And A Peck
You've Been So Good To Me So Far
I Left My Heart All Over The Place
You Just Don't Do It For Me Friend
Arse Kickin' Lady From The North West
Happy Anniversary
Twenty Eight
Under The Flight Path
Hi, We're The Support Band
The Songs They Played As I Drove Away

Tim Rogers recorded his first solo album, What Rhymes With Cars And Girls in the winter of 1998 during some time off from You Am I.

"I had some time alone and I found myself writing some songs and then I just thought, well it looks like You Am I's not going to be recording for a while, while we're waiting for albums to come out overseas, so I wanna make a record," Rogers recalls. "So I really started writing gung ho and then about the same time Jen's (Anderson) studio was available so I went in and did it with the idea of just having it as a tape or CD to sell at shows. But then a lot of really good musicians came in and helped out, we had a good time, so it's got a little bit more serious."

Jen Anderson, formerly of Weddings Parties Anything, had a big involvement with the album. Apart from playing on the album as part of the Twin Set, she was also involved with the production and organising other players.

"She pressed a lot of buttons," Rogers says of Anderson's involvement. "We talked a little about the songs. I think she was just more enthusiastic, and getting me in contact with a bunch of other musicians. I don't really feel like pursuing people and Jen was very good in getting people and making sure they were available. Just putting out the initial word."

The album is an acoustic affair and although it has a country feel, it's not a country album as such. "It's not really a country style of songwriting, I don't think. It ain't bluegrass. It ain't Western swing. It's a kind of pretty pallid country music really which is just folk pop chords. I think people are being a bit... thinking it's got a G-chord in it, it's got a country feel. I think real country music tends to have a bit of melodrama and melancholy. You know, suicide, death, bestiality, and I don't hear that," Rogers admits.

Many of the songs on the album were inspired by Tim's break-up with a long time girlfriend. Writing the songs was a form of therapy for Tim.

"Writing songs is just a way of romanticising a dull or a bad situation so you can swallow it, you know. Hmm, jeez, I don't know why we couldn't really get on... I know, I'll write a song about it! It's a bit of a gutless thing, but that song sums up your relationship with that person so it's like (clicks fingers) it's not that complicated, it's all in D."

Tim picked up the ARIA award for Best Male Artist in 1999 for the album.

What Rhymes With Cars And Girls Lyrics

The Twin Set
Tim Rogers : singin' & dancin, guitar, keyboards
Jen Anderson : violin, viola, harmonium, omnichord
Stuart Speed : upright bass
Ian Kitney : drums & percussion
Mark Wallace : accordian
Ed Bates : pedal steel
Peter Somerville : banjo
Richard Gillard : electric guitar
Ben Hoddanger : trombone
Andy Reid : clarinet & washboard
Jeff Burston : mandolin
Sally Dastey : vocals, brandy
David Lane : guitar

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