26-04-03 :: Andy Kent

Let the games begin!! The Vines, us and the rocket scientists across the UK. A pack of Australians surrounded by their English crews, warm English beer, ginsters snacks, and a sold out tour. Anything is possible.

The starts to these tours are always fraught with danger. These dangers range from being slapped with an excess baggage charge that can and has run into the thousands to faulty work permits to broken down vehicles. And no we weren’t disappointed. 1 broken bus, 1 broken bass amp ,1 vandalised replacement vehicle (rock and roll does strange things to some people) and a tour routed with the aid of a blindfold and a dart board . Nothing a ‘gronking’ rock show can’t fix.

To be continued………

29-04-03 :: Davey Lane

Well, five days in and as ever, I’m over the moon that it’s possible for me to spend my time playing guitar in a band with my mates on the other side of the world. Already the three cities we’ve visited have fascinated me no end. Andy, Russ, Tim, Chris (our ever faithful stage technician) and I made a bleary-eyed entrance at Heathrow to be greeted by our tour manager Johnny Haskett, a charming gentlemen with the the most brilliant pair of sideburns I’ve seen yet.

The first stop was Norwich. I was severly tempted to make a quick detour to Cambridge and try to find Syd Barrett, but I hear old Roger doesn’t take too kindly to being stopped in the street so I thought better of it. The show went really well despite us all still being rather jetlagged, and it was great to meet up with the Vines and Rocket Science chaps once again. Glasgow was a blast, the Barrowlands was such a cool place to play, the Scottish folk love rock ‘n roll so that was quite fortunate for us, we never expected such an enthusiastic reaction. The Vines have been playing well, and they have some cracking new songs, one in particular called Amnesia.

Wolverhampton was a rather late night for us all. I had a larf singing many a Supergrass song with the Vines lads ‘round the band room piano, later indulging in liquid refreshments in the hotel bar with our friends Steve from Manchester and Kit from the Science, so it was just as well we had a day off yesterday! I went looking for records but didn’t find much, but the architecture of these towns alone is enough to keep me interested so I shook my hangover just wandering the streets looking around. So now we’re on the road heading to Newcastle, I’ll keep you all updated real soon, thank you and good night!

30-04-03 :: Timmy Rogers

Hertfordshire Haiku
Packaged sandwich
Munitions nutrition
As ever, where art
The free house pub

Half hour sets most often, search, destroy, invite over and steal wallet.
Writing songs to add to Aust. Compilation, titles “Mr. Kermode and the Million Matches”
“Vampires” “Who knows what they do at night” Used to be a come on in boy now I’m a fuck off man” and “Tales of Pornographic Oceans”

Listening to: Little Feat bootlegs, Hard Ons newy, Black Flag “first four years”, Pretty things, Discharge, Minor Threat, Rancid, Bobbi Gentry, and as ever, Ruby’s voice in my head
Refuse to take this tour lightly or safely, lucky and have a body to waste in the pursuit of some kind of enlightenment.

06-05-03 :: Andy Kent

Played the famous 5000 seat 'Brixton Academy' The big london show, and boy is it big. Went well, some girl had an epileptic fit due to the strobes. London is the place where your ex-girlfriends hairdressers vets second cousin boyfriends mate will accost you for a drink. Or your bro and his lovely new girl could acost you either way have your wits about you, it could turn into a big night............................

It was a big night and an early start off to the hollyhead and the irish ferry to DUBLIN! From the fry pan into the fire! My mate jimmy is the bomb. A top show and a farewell to the Vines lads and their nice crew. Cheers lads. Back on the ferry early (can you believe it has a pinball machine on it?) and back to London for a day off. THE ONE AND ONLY FULL DAY OFF!!


07-05-03 :: Rusty Hopkinson :: Photo Journal
Glasgow Barrowlands - A beautiful venue in the heart of Celtic Territory. Bought a Brinsley Schwarz bootleg and a slightly dodgy mobile phone from the Barrowlands Markets before retiring to the dressing room in time to snap a shot of these three lovely men preparing to rock the house like no one else can. The night ended with fire alarms, a glasgow wedding and kilted men at a hotel on Sauchiehall Street at 3am.
Wolverhampton- A quiet afternoon in the bandroom of the wonderful Civic Centre. This is the first in my self portrait series and features Andy Kent in deep discussion mode with the utterly fab Jamie from Transcopic Records and Tapes whilst Davey plays Arnold Layne on the acoustic. My ugly mug's in the left hand corner and my brains been tuned by some fine purple haze. Hence my faux-art wankery!
Our kid Stevie Shaw- Manchester's number one You Am I fan, ex-merchant seaman and king of having it large. With Stevie's gentle prodding we embarked on an evening that would end at sun up with Void on the stereo and cheap dry white on the palate. Thankfully we had a day off the next day and a fantastic Biryani from "the Standard" helped deflect the pain that only class A fun can bring.
Stevie Shaw regales Timmy and stage commander Chris "Toph" Hough with tales of debauchery on the high seas.
09-05-03 :: Rusty Hopkinson :: Photo Journal #2
Our kid contemplates the difference between Gordons and Burnetts gin whilst davey lane and Graham look on. The green, gold and red wristband is from a bunch bought buy me in honour of the fact that we are just around the corner from Alton Ellis's excellent Alltone Records, home of a vast array of great rocksteady sevens.
Brixton - You Am I benefactor and beautiful human, Graham Coxon, shares a joke with Tim before we head out onto the stage for a fun set at the Brixton Academy. I think Davey is still reeling from Graham showing him how to play "Alone Again...Or". The upstairs bar is jammed later with all manner of ligging high and low-life. My personal highlight of the evening was being told by Gem Archer that "Rusty" was a great name!!
Me and Chris in the equipment van on our way to Glasgow, Chris concentrating on following Johnny Hasketts travelling circus whilst I busy myself with a copy of Private Eye in a vain attempt to look like a Liberal Democrat voter.

Download the complete BBC 6 interview with Tim and Andy chatting with presenter Tom Robinson.

The lads chat about the new compilation, current and previous tours, recording and songwriting.

Tim also performs Hourly, Daily (Part 1) and Heavy Heart (Part 2) acoustically.
BBC 6 Interview :: :: 6:41 mins
BBC 6 Interview :: :: 7:12 mins
BBC 6 Interview :: :: 3:32 mins
16-05-03 :: Andy Kent

Great show last night, Shepard's bush empire, despite onstage sound problems. A good friend was buried in Fremantle cemetery today. I hate being away when crap like this happens.

Really enjoyed 'the pieces' from Indiana, USA. Great to go on after such a catchy sophisticated band.

Got pulled up by Colin from BBC Scotland about comments made on the site about the Barrowlands Market in Glasgow. I Colin, must watch what I write.

Russell is bugging me to finish up so we can go round the road for a 'slap up'......mmm whats a slap up you ask??? I'll leave that up to you.


19-05-03 :: Timmy Rogers

Prima donna here, in Studio North London with Mike Pelonconi doing extra tunes for the compilation – Mr. Kermode and the Million Matches, and What They Do At Night, with Hate Yer Damn City as a possible b-side, or Letter To Gene. Finished with Evan t’other night, met Anita Pallenberg, Dave Gilmour and my personal favourite, Cass outta the Senseless Things. Evan’s band cooks, and he’s in top form; we’re talking ‘bout doing a record with him mid-year. Not just piss-talk either, we even talked of it sober….fancy that.

Last show tommorow night, meeting up with Noel, Gem and Liam again which’ll be beautiful. Mike Peloncoli is truly sweet and in my opinion a great engineer, fun and diligent, enthusiastic and has good stories. Still can’t sing, dunno, I’ve had a lotta years trying, still feels good so I’ll keep on. Meet up with my girls in Madrid in 4 days after goin’ up North to meet my bruvva. Ruby can count to 12 and I miss her and her mum unbelievably.

We’ve been knocked around the past coupla weeks over here cuz a very close friend of the band and former flatmate of Rusty and Boonge’s Michael Lock died. It may seem insensitive to write about this here but for anyone who had the pleasure of meeting him, you knew you were touched by a very special, passionate, intelligent, simply beautiful man who we’re going to miss horribly. Every gig we play from now will be with him in mind, my deepest, deepest condolences to his family and friends; I know how that crooked smile could lift you straight up.

My drink of the tour: Gin, neat with a squeeze of lemon
Record of tour: Evan’s and Lucinda Williams
Acquisition: Dischargs t-shirt, a present from my lovely room-mate David
Personality: Stevey Shaw of Manchester, Ian MacLagan lookalike, 24 hour racounter, Honorary cousin
Gig: Second Shepherd’s Bush with Evan

Hope Davey fills in with stories of our Small Faces tour of the East End by Wayne, our mate and family acquaintance of Mr. Marriot - truly moving and mesmerising. I need footy. Carn Kangas.
More Pics....
UK Tour Highlights :: Davey Lane
After we finished the Vines run, we had to find some new touring buddies. And here are some of them, clockwise from left; Josh, Evan's bass player; Devin, the drummer from the opening band The Pieces; Vess' The Pieces' guitarist and singer; moi; Andrew Charles; Heidi, bass player for the Pieces; and finally George, Evan's drummer. A brilliant bunch of blokes and lady they were!
Rather self explanatory really, me on the Helter Skelter on Brighton Pier and it was bloody freezing!
Here are the 'Kings Of Rock' outside the Brighton shop that was kindly opened in their honour.
We recorded 2 new songs whilst in London, here Andy and Tim bring their dulcet tenor tones to the party....
The successor to Joe Meek's throne mixes down the track that will banish Telstar from the hit parade forever! They gave it two thumbs up on Juke Box Jury!
A studio as it should look, with them nice guitars all over the place.
Some of the nice little bits and pieces Mark had in his studio - from left to right; an Echoplex echo unit, once owned by Pink Floyd, a Phaser thingy that once took pride of place in John Entwistle's studio, and EQ units from respectively Abbey Road and Decca Studios. Whoa, history overload dude.
Our good mate Wayne kindly took us, on one of our days off, on a tour of East End London. See, it transpires that Wayne's dad's best childhood mate was a little fella by the name of Steve Marriott (for those of you who are uninitiated, Steve Marriott was the pocket-sized, iron-lunged singer for the mighty Small Faces). Wayne often humbly recounts Steve stories, usually while Russ, Tim and I listen intently with our jaws to the floor. Here is the council block both Steve and Wayne's dad grew up in with us doing our best 'scruffy little London geezer' impressions.
Here I am basking in the sunshine that is the famous Itchycoo Park...
And here I am outside Abbey Road, the place where so many of my favourite songs were recorded - Ebony & Ivory for one.
Recreating scenes of my heroes from pictures or movies is quite a favourite pastime for a nerd like meself. Here I attempt recreate the scene from 'Syd's First Trip' where Syd Barrett is sitting against the Abbey Road wall as Pink Floyd sign their EMI contract. Oooohhh, how obscure of me!
Some geezers enjoying a drink. From L-R; Thomas, our Who-loving friend from Germany, who did me a copy of an awesome Deep Purple gig on DVD (cheers!), Stevie Shaw, who even wrote a song about our on-tour sheninegans, and a lovely Scottish gentleman by the name of Andy, who plays guitar in the band Travis.
Jamie, the Transcopic records chap, the guy we've got to thank for finally getting a You Am I record the release it justly deserves, Russell and I, this was about 5 minutes after we walked offstage so we look suitably tired!!!
Here is a luvverly photo our 'label manager' (ha ha ha ha) Graham Coxon. I think this has been the most surreal tour I've ever been involved in. Being taught Love songs by one of my guitar playing heroes and 'label manager' was one thing, but the night Tim and I met both Anita Pallenberg and Dave Gilmour (!) has to be one of the best/strangest nights I've ever had.
Here I am sharing a sneaky can of warm Stella with our stage man Chris, even though I "don't agree with that in the workplace"!
It's goodbye from me and it's goodbye from him!