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Some Fellas Heartbreaker
The Goldfield Blues
Stray Dog Bruise
Where The Wind Don't Blow
The Mess
Time And Distance
King Of The Hill
I Only Understand Her In The Rain
Letter To Gene
Damn Songs (with Lisa Miller)
Fun (Part One)


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This past year in between reelin’ and a rockin’ with The ‘You Am I’, I was gonna sit my bum down, grow a body and watch my daughter grow. But a coupla things occurred that determined it to be another year of pooncey chords and incomplete analogies.

One was going to Kalgoorlie with the band, the first time I’d been back to my hometown in twenty years or so. From last drinks at the ‘something or other’ to first wobbly torpedo punt at the Kalgoorlie City Footy Club, the next day I’d started messing ‘round with The Goldfields Blues - a lofty title using ‘blues’ in a song is inviting trouble but hey, you seen me? You think I know what time it is? On the drive back to Perth I’d got the bug and Spit Polish was sitting in my mind like a pimply boy at a school dance, waitin’, and cursin’....

Soon after the Kalgoorlie ‘epiphany’ I was back in Madrid with my family and if there’s one thing you learn in our suburb there, is how to be a fish outta water. With a complexion ranging from ruddy to anaemic and

being the only 6”3’ with a haircut and dress sense only once removed from questionable, the alienation gave a lotta space to write and play unfettered. So along came Time and Distance about a less than glamorous early morning meet with my Pa after a ‘You Am I’ post-tour drinkies in London: Fiction, a meld of adolescent stretching of the truth and our current government’s compulsion to lie in “the interests of national security” (of which I think lifestyle TV is interwoven.) King Of The Hill (a former RCA A&R guy I want publicly stoned... Letter To Gene in which our favourite capitalist Gene Simmons is asked by the author whether “Rock ’n’ Roll All Night” was just a ruse. Some Fella’s Heartbreaker is stumbling across old photos of your wife and dip-shit boyfriends with guitars....Fuckers....I wrote I Only Understand Her In The that.

The Temperance Union is Ian Kittney, Shane O’Mara, Stuart Speed and me. They can be smooth as yoghurt and rough as Speckled Hen. We did this record on a diet of Gin and Tonic UDL’s and Chilli Beef Jerky in Yarraville Victoria. One of the curses of being in a, frankly fucking wonderful band like The ‘You Am I’ is that you just wanna do it all the time. So after another tour somewhere, I sat down, got on the phone to my good friends, put a rose between my teeth and made a record. That’s Spit Polish.

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God bless the fucking lot of us.


The bands name The Temperance Union, comes from a religious woman's group that was formed in 1874 called The Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU). It was organized by women who were concerned about the problems alcohol was causing their families and society to promote total abstinence from alcoholic beverages. However many have characterised the WCTU as antagonistic toward male culture and male society.

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