1. Deliverance
2. Ribbons & Bows
3. You Got Lucky
4. Deliverance (To Evil)

Released in March 2003, Deliverance was the second release from the album of the same name, but the first commercially available single from the album. The double A-side single also features the album version of Ribbons & Bows. Other tracks include You Got Lucky which was only ever available as a mp3 from the Who Put The Devil In You downloadable single, and Deliverance (To Evil). The Deliverance video features some great live footage including the Homebake 2002 performance.

WHO PUt the devil in you

1. Who Put The Devil In You
2. You Got Lucky
3. The Cream & The Crock (Live)

The Who Put The Devil In You single was available only as a download from You Am I's official website, You Am I Central in September 2002 and was never available commercially released. Each song was made available as mp3 files, and even the cover artwork as a PDF file. A video was made for the title track featuring the band racing hot rods down an airstrip in South Australia. The track You Got Lucky is an original You Am I song and was recorded during the Deliverance sessions. The live performance of The Cream & The Crock was recorded for the Saturday Night Round Ten live album and has never previously been released.

kick a hole in the sky

1. Kick A Hole In The Sky
2. Midget In A Nightclub
3. Sweet Alcohol
4. White And Lazy

Kick A Hole In The Sky was the third and final single to be released from Dress Me Slowly in July 2001. It was one of three songs from the album that the band wrote and recorded nearly half a year after the album was ostensibly finished. "Just because I had some new songs and I wanted to tell my wife how much I love her," says Tim. Midget In A Nightclub and Sweet Alcohol are both You Am I originals and were recorded during the initial Dress Me Slowly sessions. Sweet Alcohol previously appeared on the Big Day Out 2001 compilation. White And Lazy is a Replacements cover and has also appeared on the all Australian Replacements tribute album, I'm In Love... With That Song.

Get up

1. Get Up
2. Older Guys
3. Tourism
4. Be Prepared
5. Damage

Get Up, the second single released from Dress Me Slowly sees a long awaited return to the rock for You Am I. It was released in March 2001. The video clip for the song sees a very sweaty and bloody band performing inside of what appears to be a pinball machine. Older Guys was recorded during the Dress Me Slowly sessions and was originally going to appear on the album before another delay allowed the guys to record some new material. Tourism was recorded during a demo session in 2000. Be Prepared is a autobiographical Tim Rogers acoustic ballad and was a live favourite from Tim's solo shows in 2000. Damage is the studio version which appears on Dress Me Slowly.


1. Damage
2. She Don't Need The Morning
3. One Cent Coins
4. Open All Night

Damage was released in October 2000 - the first You Am I single in two years and the first to be taken from Dress Me Slowly. It is also their most successful single to date. Tim speaks about the song: "Damage is about trying to find some hope. The most uplifting pop songs come from desperate situations in minor keys." The song makes reference to John Prine, an acclaimed singer/songwriter who flirted with everything from acoustic folk to rockabilly to straight ahead country. "I did wake up in the morning and I did put on a John Prine record and I did have my someone's baby photos lying around." The single also contains the track Open All Night (originally titled Dress Me Slowly) which also appears on the soundtrack to the aussie film Better Than Sex. "A paean to someone who isn't getting alot of breaks. I love you, you are great, so fuck everybody."

heavy heart

1. Heavy Heart
2. What I Don't Know 'Bout You (Live)
3. Midnight To Six Man
4. She's So Fine

The acoustic ballad Heavy Heart was the third and most popular single from the #4 Record. It reached the number 9 spot on the 1998 Triple J Hottest 100 and has also been covered by Ben Lee, Paul Kelly and Seattle rockers The Supersuckers. The live performance of What I don't Know 'Bout You was taken from the Triple J Live at the Wireless performance that features on the limited #4 Record bonus disk Radio Sette. Midnight to Six Man was originally recorded by The Pretty Things. She's So Fine is an Easybeats cover and was a live favourite on the Uptight Express Tour of 1996.


1. Rumble
2. Arse-Kickin' Lady From The North-West
3. I Live Under The Flightpath

Rumble was released in April 1998, just prior to the release of #4 Record in May. It reached the number 65 spot in the 1998 Triple J Hottest 100. The track features the chant "R.A.D.I.O." which was performed by members of the US rock outfit The Muffs. The song also makes reference to Lionel Rose, who was a champion Aboriginal boxer of the 60's. Arse-Kickin' Lady From The North-West is also the opening track from the live album, Saturday Night, Round Ten and an acoustic version appears on Tim's solo album, What Ryhmes With Cars And Girls. I Live Under The Flight Path was also re-recorded for the Twin Set album, and features the lap steel guitar of Piers Crocker.

what i don't know 'bout you

1. What I Don't Know 'Bout You
2. You Want It So Bad
3. Cathy's Clown (Live)
4. The Applecross Wing Commander (Live)

The first single from #4 Record, What I Don't Know 'Bout You was released February 1998, three months prior to #4 and peaked at number 23 on the national chart - the highest charting You Am I single so far. The video clip is a tribute to the 70's Australian film Don's Party. It features prominent Aussie actors including Ben Mendehlson, Matt Day, Steven Curry, Tania Lacey and Nadine Gardener plus the boys themselves! One memorable scene sees Tim attempting to crack onto Nadine which results in a swift knee to the nads! You Want It So Bad also appears on the bonus disk to Saturday Night, Round Ten. The live performances of Cathy's Clown and The Applecross Wing Commander were recorded at the 1997 Reading Festival in the UK.


1. Trike
2. Opportunities
3. Who Turned Out The Lights
4. I Can Hear The Grass Grow
5. (There's Gonna Be A) Showdown

Trike and Opportunties were recorded in late 1996 for the international version of Hourly, Daily in place of Someone Else's Home and Moon Shines on Trubble. Tracks 1-3 were recorded in Los Angeles with American producer George Drakoulias who has previously worked with Black Crowes. Drakoulias would again work with the band to produce #4 Record. A different version of Who Turned Out The Lights first appeared on the No Guts, No Glory compilation with Tim performing solo. I Can Hear The Grass Grow was originally performed by The Move, while (There's Gonna Be A) Showdown is a New York Dolls song.


1. Tuesday
2. Circles
3. When You Got Dry
4. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (Live)

Tuesday was released in February 1997, and was the fourth single from Hourly, Daily. It reached number 29 in the national chart and received quite a bit of mainstream radio airplay. It features the fine string arrangements of Jackie Orszaczky and a Penny Lane style trumpet solo. The video clip is quite slick and features Tim doing weird things like bathing with clothes on, mowing newspapers indoors and using an electric shaver with shaving cream. Circles is a Who cover. When You Got Dry originally appeared on the very limited, vinyl only When You Got Dry/How Much IS Enough 7" and features the slide guitar of Brad Shepard (Hoodoo Gurus). Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You is a Bob Dylan song and is a live, acoustic performance from The Metro in Sydney.

good mornin'

1. Good Mornin'
2. I'll Make You Happy
3. (You Must Fight To Live) On The Planet of The Apes

Good Mornin' was released in September 1996 and was the third single taken from Houly, Daily. It came in at number 84 in the Triple J Hottest 100 of 1996 and got to number 44 in the national chart. Tim on the song: "When we were writing the record I was waking up early and listening to the early morning AM chatter. Often I wake up depressed, as people do, and I found it really comforting, I could see how you could get attached to it, instead of waking up with someone next to you." I'll Make You Happy is an Easybeats song which the band performed to close the 1996 Aria (Australian Reording Industry Association) Awards, where picked up six awards from nine nominations. (You Must Fight To Live) On The Planet of The Apes was originally performed by The Mummies and features Rusty on lead vocals. Good Mornin' was also released on cassingle featuring live perormances of Soldiers, Mr Milk and Cathy's Clown as b-sides.


1. Soldiers
2. Boulder Fair
3. Six
4. Count To Four

Soldiers was released in July 1996 and came in at number 80 on the Triple J Hottest 100 of 1996 and reached number 33 in the national chart. The video clip features the band (including Greg Hitchcock) working in a factory, and won the award for best video at the 1996 Aria (Australian Recording Industry Association) Awards. The b-sides are all You Am I originals. Boulder Fair is an acoustic track about life in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Six was inspired by Tim's childhood and Count To Four is about a couple getting married. Soldiers was also released on 7 inch vinyl with same track listing.

mr milk

1. Mr Milk
2. My Friend Jack
3. Embarrassed (Live)

Mr Milk was the first single from taken from Hourly, Daily and the first song written for the album. It reached number 50 on the national chart. This version of the song differs from the one that appears on the album as it was originally recorded for the SubPop label. My Friend Jack was originally recorded by The Smoke. Embarrassed was taken from the 1995 Triple J Live At The Wireless performance, and originally appeared on the Coprolalia ep.

purple sneakers

1. Purple Sneakers
2. Sci-Fi Way
3. We're Desperate

Purple Sneakers was released in June 1995 and reached number 24 in the 1995 Triple J Hottest 100. The song was inspired by the school yard taunts Tim suffered after he wore purple sneakers (a twelfth birthday present from his father) to school. Sci-Fi Way is an instrumental track and features samples from retro sounding television shows including Ren and Stimpy. We're Desperate was originally performed by X and features Rusty on backing vocals.

jewels and bullets

1. Jewels and Bullets
2. Jaimmes Got A Gal (Remix)
3. Young Man Blues (Live)

The Jewels And Bullets single was second single from Hi Fi Way and was released in April 1995. It managed to sneak into the 1995 Triple J Hottest 100 at number 93. The song was inspired by the story of Anastasia Romanov, a young Russian princess who was "executed" in 1918. It was rumoured that jewels woven into her gown deflected the bullets meant to kill her. In 1991 the skeletons of the Romanov family were dug up in Siberia. But the skeletons of Anastasia and her brother Alexii were apparently not identified. Rumours have existed for over 79 years that Anastastia did survive. The Jaimmes Got A Gal remix features strings and additional guitar and percussion. Young Man Blues was recorded live at Memorial Stadium, Seattle on August 13, 1994 while supporting Soundgarden on their national tour. The same concert features on the Hi Fi Way limited edition bonus disk, Someone Else's Crowd.

cathy's clown

1. Cathy's Clown
2. Hi-Way Fi
3. Gira E Respira
4. In The Street

Cathy's Clown was the first single released from Hi Fi Way and the first single to make the national Top 40 singles chart peaking at numer 36. It also reached number 84 in the 1995 Triple J Hottest 100. Hi-Way Fi and Gira E Respira are original You Am I songs. A perfomance of Hi-Way Fi can be found on Someone Else's Crowd and is interestingly listed as Hi Fi Way. Confused yet?! In The Street is a cover of a Big Star song.

when you got dry
how much is enough

1. When You Got Dry
2. Ken (The Mother Nature's Son)
3. How Much Is Enough
4. Bitter Young Man Of The Fanzine Press

This double A-Side was released only on 7 inch vinyl in November 1994. It is probably the most rarest and sought after You Am I release. Due to a pressing fault, only 449 copies were ever produced out of what was to be a run of 1000. Ken (The Mother Nature's Son) and How Much Is Enough appear on Hi Fi Way. When You Got Dry was later released on the Tuesday single, and a live performance can be found on Someone Else's Crowd, the limited edition Hi Fi Way bonus disk. Bitter was later released on a Ra Records sampler called Rare Cords which was given away with various Ra Records releases.

jaimme's got a gal

1. Jaimme's Got A Gal
2. I'm So Tired
3. 20,000

Jaimme's Got A Gal was released in May 1994 and was the third and final single released from Sound As Ever. It reached number 77 in the Triple J Hottest 100 of 1994. The ballad was inspired by Tim's brother Jaimme Rogers who was the original drummer in the band. I'm So Tired is a Beatles cover and 20,000 is an orginal You Am I track.

berlin chair

1. Berlin Chair
2. Can't Explain
3. Jaimme (Makers Mark Version)
4. All I Want To Do Is Rock

Berlin Chair was released in February 1994 and is arguably the bands most famous song. It came in at 23 in the 1994 Triple J Hottest 100, number 63 in the Hottest 100 of all time in 1998, and in a listener phone poll in late 1999 was voted best Australian song of the ninties. The original Berlin Chair was a sculpture that Tim saw in Canberra, but in song it symbolises the relationship he had with his girlfriend at the time. The famous video clip stars PJ, an old boxer and his amazing dancing moves. "We just got him along, paid him some cash, put him in a silver suit and said 'dance away my son' and he did it spectacularly" says Rusty. PJ would later re-appear in the Cathy's Clown video. Can't Explain is a cover of The Who song. Jaimme (Makers Mark Version) is an excellent acoustic version of Jaimme's Got A Gal.

adam's ribs

1. Adam's Ribs
2. Spit
3. Alembic

The very first You Am I single, Adam's Ribs was released in October 1993 and came in at number 50 in the 1993 Triple J Hottest 100. Spit and Alembic are You Am I originals. Alembic also appeared on rooArt's Australian grunge-pop compilation Crack in the Sun or Fade in the Shade. Released in November 1992, it also featured tracks from Nursery Crimes, Guttersnipes, Screamfeeder, Massappeal, The Meanies, Tumbleweed and Headache.
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