on the town with tim rogers

Q. Where do you like to go for a night out?
A. Anywhere the lights aren't bright and the music swings - you can still find 'em in this town you know.

Q. Where's the best spot for a quiet drink?
A. Well I used to love the hell outta Fibber McVey's in Collingwood but it disappeared. I'm still looking.

Q. Who always guarantees a great night out?
A. If I give them away they might relax. I've got a small handful of friends interested and up for it. God bless 'em.

Q. What's your favourite drink?
A. Jack Daniels. Straight up. But look, a cold beer at the right time is unbeatable. I don't dig cocktails or green things, just like I hate drum machines.

Q. What's the best hangover cure?
A. Get out, kick the crap out of the footy. Go to the pub, have a quick one. Same as my cure for depression actually.

Q. Where's the best place to see live bands?
A. Rainbow in Fitzroy, Duke of Windsor in Prahran, the HiFi, Greyhound...different scales for different shows.

Q. What's the best gig you have played in Melbourne?
A. Greville Records car park show.

Q. Do you ever sing when you're out with your mates?
A. Of course. Join In The Chorus or Dixie Chicken every time.

Q. What happens when you're on a boys' night out?
A. All of my boys' nights out are with my band, so it involves trying to get on, slagging off other rock bands, talking about our beautiful wives and how great we really are.

Q. Where's your favourite place to go for a meal?
A. Cicciolina's or Pelligrini's.

Q. Where can you get the best late-night snack?
A. Room service. You have to love that.