Web Sites
www.youami.com.au - New flashified official site. Basic information for the casual fan. Looks really cool too!
You Am I - Guitars, Guitars, Guitars! - All the info you need to know about what gear the guys use.
- Nice little fansite which gets updated regularly.

Web Pages
- The clips for Damage, Get Up and Open All Night are streamed here.
Tim Rogers Interview - Nov, 2000 - In Real Video. Tim talks about Damage, Dress Me Slowly and more
- Fantastic site. Check out almost every aussie band you can think of.
- Lists the players that made up The Twin Set and some info about the album.
You Am I @ AMG (All Music Guide) - Great site for searching for info on bands from around the globe.
You Am I @ Rolling Stone - A brief, out of date biography, photos and, well that's about it!
You Am I @ LyricsXP.com - List of song lyrics, though I think they just grabbed em off You Am I Central.


- Very reliable music site. Various methods of payment available. Overseas buyers welcome.
Whammo - Specialising in Australian music, these guys are very speedy and reliable.
Love Police - Selection of recent You Am I shirts available. View the You Am I shirt archive and posters.
Rare Records - Great range of deleted singles, limited edition albums and promo cds. Not exactly cheap but.
Red Eye Records - Find more rare You Am I stuff here, but again, be prepared to fork out a fair bit of money.
Ebay - There's always plenty of rare You Am I up for auction. Try your luck and maybe grab a bargain!


Rock Photos - Have a squiz at Belinda's excellent photography that graces sections of this here site.
- Check out Ian's You Am I pics and heaps of other cool photos of cool bands.
What A Way To Die - Huge selection of live pics of great bands taken by gig junkie Justina Davies.
Shot Studio - Check out Nat Brunov's great live band photography, including some cool You Am I shots.
A Portfolio of Band Photos - Peter Ottery's amazing photos, with a You Am I section to boot.

Related Sites
The Pictures - When Davey Lane aint doing the You Am I thing he's fronting this tidy little outfit.
- Rusty Hopkinson's own record label. Famously released the first recording by The Vines.
- Rusty's new distribution company delivering cool tunes to the peeps.
Transcopic Records - You Am I's UK label founded by former Blur geetarist Graham Coxon. Cool flash site.
SpinArt Records - You Am I's US label which recently released Deliverance to the yanks.