You Am I have recently been plugging away in Sydney recording their seventh studio album. In a recent interview, Rusty described the material as: "A bit psychedelic, a bit punk, but it’s rock and roll, ya know? We’re all having a lot of fun at the moment."
Andy Kent takes us on a photographic journey behind the scenes of the making of the album...
This is what's called a
" M-U-L-T-I T-R-A-C-K
T-A-P-E M-A-C-H-I-N-E" developed in the mid 19th Century in the US by inventor Les Paul. Gradually growing in complexity until the a maximum of 24 recordable tracks were possible. Quaint old records were made on this cumbersome clunky looking thing. Superseded in the mid 90's by digital technology, a rarity these days, but a fav in the YOU AM I world.
    Greg Wales, Producer (centre):
(A) in deep thought.
(B) thinking of the most tactful way to say "aaah, that's a shit idea"
(C) off with pixies
(D) Listening patiently as we tell another well worn story of something that happened someplace, sometime, somehow....
    One form the guitarists out there.....
Guitar freaks are just nerds in tight jeans.
    Now you know the secret Green shoes with short red socks (bonds even)    
  One of the all time dudes, my mate, Rusty. the man writes this shit on the fly and pounds it out in front of us, easy to get distracted.
And the other secret. "always work to the BELL." An old Stones method. trick is to only use the middle finger of the left hand.  
    Our assistant engineer graduated from a Viennese Audio School with very high marks and came highly recommended. Great ears. Just had trouble reaching the faders....oh, and he had quite the "magic J Bone" habit....(notice the red eyes.)
    Three geezers having a break. Notice Rusty's "Tag"
on the wall behind him.