1. Cool Hand Luke
2. Last Thing You Can Depend On
3. Can't Get Started
4. In Case You're Wandering
5. Embarrassed

Coprolalia was released in April 1993. The EP brought the band together with Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo as producer for the first time. They would work together again on Sound As Ever and Hi Fi Way. The track Last Thing You Can Depend On spawned You Am I's second video clip. It features the band playing in front of an overpowering wind machine. They followed the release of Coprolalia with a tour supporting Tumbleweed. By this stage the band had reached a new level - they received a rider (a free supply of alcohol and various other items) before each show.

can't get started

1. Grand Ted
2. Rational Hell
3. Goddamn
4. IOU2
5. Frog

Can't Get Started was You Am I's first release on the rooArt record label, who they signed to after negotiations with many other major labels. It was released in October 1992 and featured much improved songwriting and production. The track Frog even sees the band experimenting with a horn section for the first time. They also released their first video clip for the track Goddamn. Following it's release You Am I hit the road opening for The Hoodoo Gurus, whose guitarist Brad Shepherd would become a collaborator with and a good friend of the band.


1. High Chair
2. Burn To Stay
3. Shame
4. Crazy You Is
5. White And Skinny
6. Drink it Dry*
7. New Face*
8. Conscience*
9. Snake Tide*

Goddamn was recorded in September 1991 and wasn't released until May 1992. It is the first recording that features Andy Kent on bass, who was previously a mixer for the band. Andy joined the band after former bass player Nick Tischler unselfishly decided to leave when he found out how good Andy could play during a drunken jam session in Melbourne.
*Tracks 6-9 were originally released on the Snake Tide EP.

Snake tide

1. Drink it Dry
2. New Face
3. Conscience
4. Snake Tide
5. Inspiral
6. Home

Snake Tide was first released in May 1991 and is the only recording featuring former bass player Nick Tischler. It was released on 12 inch vinyl with 6 tracks, but was later re-released with the same track listing and artwork as the Goddamn ep.
The 12 inch vinyl is one of the hardest to find You Am I releases.
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